Hello and welcome to my blog! A blog which is 100% dedicated to all things paranormal! I want to take just a few moments to introduce myself in the background I come from (don’t worry it won’t take too long).

My name is Blythe Hawthorn; author, empath, paranormal researcher, and paranormal investigator, I have been obsessed and surrounded by the paranormal since I was very young, although I didn’t know it at the time, and have been terrifyingly interested with what goes bump in the night. I had many instances in my life in which I didn’t realize were paranormal experience or empathic experiences until my early 20’s. When I became a newly awakened Empath, my entire world into the paranormal just blew wide open. I couldn’t get enough. I was inexperienced and obsessed which lead me to some investigations that I shouldn’t have been a part of. Reflecting back on them, I am glad they happened because it strengthened my interest in what happened and why it happened. With my official acceptance that the paranormal is my life, I can no longer hide from my dreams and aspirations into sharing my knowledge about this fascinating part of our lives. Now fast-forward to today- I am in my journey in life to fulfill my dream of being a published author, in fiction and non-fiction, specializing in the paranormal.

I want to use this blog as a multi-faceted platform to explore many sides, areas, and topics regarding the paranormal. You will find a page dedicated to haunted history, which is a huge obsession for me, Paranormal book reviews, Paranormal topics and lore, in the path to educating those who are in the search for the truth as well, the experiences and adventures I capture during my paranormal investigations, and finally, a place to share my fictional paranormal short stories.

Thank you for being here in starting this journey with me! I am excited to have you along for the ride!