Elite Barber Shop

Photo Credit: Kevin Honegger

There are so many spectacular things to see here in Colorado. With a state that remains surrounded in its history, if you look close enough, you will find a location that transports you back in time. Elite Barbershop is one of those locations for me.

Snuggled in a row of buildings off of Main Street in a town named Longmont Colorado, this barbershop literally oozed its 147-year history from every spectacular inch. Everything from the vintage phone, the old (and very classy) soda pop machine, down to the barber chairs that are originally from the 1920s. It is so clear that the owners of this barbershop relish in the beauty and authentic history that building shows and has done everything they could to keep it that way.

The famous picture of Shorty still hangs next to the door.

It first opened in 1872, a man by the name of Shorty Foster, this one chaired barbershop thrived in the days of Shorty. Even after he passed away, his passion for his shop has stayed current (still to this day, there is a picture of Shorty placed by the front door to greet all who enter). The current owners purchased the barbershop in the 1970s and have kept it in the family ever since.

The barbershop was originally a one chair shop until it was bought in the 1970s where these vintage chairs were brought in. The hardwood floor, however, is original.

But with as much happiness and joy it has brought to its customers and the community, the history continues on to the ethereal plane of the paranormal. Many who walk by the shop has seen a man inside the shop after it is locked up for the night through the large front window. Some speculate that they see Shorty which makes me believe he is still very much involved with the shop he cared for so deeply in life.

The energy of the main part of the barbershop is so light and cheery, just being able to connect with the history surrounding this location, and even the pictures and trinkets that are spread out throughout the front puts off an energy that is so welcoming it’s hard to leave.

Continuing on to the back of the barbershop, the feeling becomes a bit more ominous. There is a story about an employee who suffered from a medical condition called tinnitus (which is an annoying, high pitched, ringing in your ears that never stops) and sadly pushed him to the point of committing suicide in the back room of the barbershop.

Starting the investigation out in the main room of the barbershop, colorfully lit up with a light grid pen.

I remember shortly after starting the investigation (my first ever REAL, OFFICIAL paranormal investigation might I add) being immediately drawn to the back. While walking through the threshold, it started to feel heavy and extremely uncomfortable, almost as if the darkness was swallowing me whole. My heart started racing as the grasp of anxiety heaved onto my chest. The effort it took to remain in that space was just incredible.

Photo Credit: Kevin Honegger

But this is what I live for. I soon called back a fellow investigator into the back to confirm my feelings of uncomfortableness and anxiety- it was immediately felt by her. She immediately went and received her Rook EMF detector and began getting some bizarre results. A certain spot in the bathroom, away from any electrical wires- made the EMF detector spike nonstop until it was pulled away. She also noticed a grey, wavy almost mist-like shape appeared right in the area that caused so much EMF disturbance. (Coincidence? I think not)

Photo credit: Job Martinez

My digital recorder was promptly put inside the bathroom on top of the sink as the feeling of anxiety shifted further into darkness, a feeling of anticipation washed over me. Every time I looked into the screen of my night vision camera, I expected to see a man’s face peering around the corner. It was very apparent we were not welcome in this space.

Having a moment of needing to use the little ladies room, I experienced quite a jump scare. While finishing my business, I suddenly felt a cold pressure on my elbow which caused me to jump out of my skin and yelp (and maybe even had a few swear words slip out). Needless to say, I quickly pulled up my pants, washed my hands, and exited as quickly as I possibly could.

We experimented with a few other pieces of equipment; a plasma ball, the ovilus, and an impressively homemade Ouija board, we ended our investigation back in the main room of the barbershop. In just talking with the owner’s niece, a loud pop echoed through the room. As if a jar lid popped open, as a team, we searched the area to see where the sound originated from- a pomade jar lids sitting on one of the stations was crooked- whether or not it was paranormally related- it was odd. We wrapped up the evening and called it a night- and then the evidence review began.

Here is some of the evidence I caught that evening.

To see more evidence, and learn more about the PRISM Colorado team, go to http://www.prismcolorado.com 

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